WW2 US Originals

WW2 US Originals
In these sections you will find our curent range of original WW2 American Uniforms. We take every measure to check the authenticity of the American military products we sell, and we hope that you find our items of interest. We have additional photos of most products, please contact us for more information.
The following grades shall be used in the description of items:
  • Very Good - An item that shows no defects (such as holes or removed insignia).
  • Good - An Item that has some unobtrusive or minor defects that may have been carefully repaired.
  • Average - An item that displays some minor defects in more obtrusive areas that again may have been carefully repaired.
  • Fair - An item that displays some major defects(Holes and or marking) that again may have been carefully repaired.

Please bear in mind that all the items listed in these sections are very old. We have done our best to provide full descriptions of all flaws/issues in each listing.

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