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Epic Militaria - News

April 2015 Newslettter (13/04/2015 @ 11:40:55)
Hope you all had a great Easter! Now to crack on with this month's goodies! Quite a few limited stock items, so don't spend too long umming and aahring!

Starting out this month we have some new Kriegsmarine badges, including the E Boat Badge and the Auxiliary Cruiser Badge. Some very nice badges here! All cost £14.95.

Also new for you are some baseball boot style army trainers. Available in 3 colours, a wide range of sizes and for a special introductory price of £20!

An interesting piece next up with a set of Vintage Style Suitcases. For £29.95 you get both the Small and Large Case. Limited stock available so don't leave it to the last minute!

Newly released from the same manufacturer of the Scho-Ka-Kola Tins, are a special Anniversary edition. Designed to look more like the original tins and only available for a short while! Same price as the usual tins we are already down to less than half stock!

We have added the range of NSKK BEVO cap badges of the German WW2 Motor Corps for £4.95. Top Quality, hard to find insignia!

We have managed to source some great rare WW2 US originals for you this month; the Gas Hood for £34.95 and M1928 Doughboy packs for £54.95. Limited numbers available.

Last couple of Surplus items for you this month and there are some bargains to be had here! Firstly we have a Grenade Case for £4.95 (see advert for some novel uses!) and a Dutch Duffel Bag on sale for £9.95 until the end of the month.

Some great news now, our popular Telnyashkas are mostly back in stock! We have 21 variations, most of which are now well stocked, with the rest due to be back early May.

As we look forward, longingly towards to the summer, we start to think about trips we are planning and hoping to take. A few of us are planning some camping and hiking adventures and so we couldn't resist adding a few useful bits of Survival kit. This month we have added a 9-in-1 Stainless Steel Multi-Tool for £9.95 and a Tactical wrist compass for £4.95. Simple starter kit!

Last new item to tell you about this month is an addition to our USMC design Tactical Vests selection with the Arid Woodland Camo version being added to the range.

We've left the BIG NEWS this month to the end with the huge announcement of our new website! Packed full of new features and an easy to use design, we plan to go live later this month! Keep checking for details!

Click here for all this months details. For all our up to date info, don't forget to like us on Facebook here!

March 2015 Newsletter (26/03/2015 @ 17:18:02)
We start this month with some news about our current range of Sterling Silver Rings. As we now finish these in house we are able to get them dispatched to you quicker in most circumstances and we have saved a little money so passing the saving straight to you! Some rings are reduced by £12!

We've also got the Police Gorgets back in stock, and even added a couple of others at the same time!

The last few bits of Film Props from The Monuments Men are now available, mostly dummy explosives and accessories! Better be quick, we have very limited numbers of some lines.

We have added a couple of new Pickelhaubes, including the Saxony Green to our range, priced at £114.95.

We have also sourced some hard-to-find British repro items, including the leather Brodie carrier and the Sam Browne Belt, with more to follow over the coming year...

Some high quality Cold War Medals for you next, with the Medal of Honor for both the Army and Navy, as well as the Soviet Hero and Red Star Orders.

Adding to our range of RAF Vintage items this month is the Travel Bag. Ideal for weekends away!

Also added this month is the Russian Digital Woodland Camo T-Shirt for £7.95.

A few bits of Army Surplus for you too, UN M1 Helmets, Czech M52 Helmets and MG3 Ammo Tins.

For all the details, Click Here!

February 2015 Newsletter (04/02/2015 @ 14:15:50)
Kicking us off this month we have a whole range of Fury Film props.
From Helmets to Chewing gum, we have a large and often surprising selection!

We have added the SS Panzer Uniforms, in Black and Field Grey to our Panzer Uniform range. It's a good month for Panzer reenactors, as we'll discover later... The Wrap is £59.95 and the Trousers are £49.95.

We now have both the WW1 and WW2 German Gas mask canisters at fantastic prices. Just £19.95 for the WW1 version and £24.95 for the WW2 version.

Looking for a new vehicle? Surely you can't do much better than a 1944 Willys Jeep!
We have given the jeep a fresh re-spray and the engine an overhaul and service. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to own the iconic vehicle they've been tempted by for years!

And here is the good Panzer reenactor news, sure to blow you away! We now have Panzerfaust! Full size and with all the trimmings! Priced at £124.95.

We now have a huge selection of Molle Gear, from the basic vest to leg holsters and everything inbetween, this includes belts, canteen holders and pouches. Most available in three colours as well! Olive, Black and Multitarn.

We've managed to get a hold of a couple of nice British Surplus items for you this month. Mark IV Helmets, DPM Shirts and Combat Boots.

This year, we are attending The Great British Shooting Show in Stoneleigh on the 13 - 15th of February. This will be the first time we attend this event, so we will only have a small selection of our wares. If there is anything you would like us to bring along, just let us know!

For all this month's details just click here

January 2015 Newsletter (09/01/2015 @ 09:48:18)
Happy New Year Everyone!

To kick off the New Year we've decided to have a giveaway and a competition in this newsletter! For every order over £25, we'll throw in some free Chocs!

Competition time! For details of our Aerial Recon Mission click here! With a huge £50 voucher up for grabs report to headquarters now!

We've popped a couple of staff favourites in this newsletter and we'll start in the warehouse with the ECWS third generation Thermal Underwear. Available in Black, Khaki and Olive Green Sets all for £34.95.

Moving into the office we have the American A2 Jacket, in Brown and Black, this is the Jacket every visitor wants to try on! Both are priced at £120.

New in this month are a different version of the French Ranger Boots. These are in a softer leather and are black. Priced from £32.95, we expect these to be an instant hit!

Lastly we have the top selling product of 2014! Made from a tough brown leather, our Surplus Swedish Brown Leather Army Over-Gloves have flown out. Yours for only £4.95!

For all the details from this month, click here!

Fury Special - November 2014 (17/11/2014 @ 09:09:03)
To start us off this month we have some Special Fury Gear.
Musette and Aviator
Bags, the Sterling Silver 2nd Armored Ring and Tanker Goggles.

As we had a member of staff working on the film, we have some exclusive Fury Crew Gear!
Jackets at £79.95, Beanies at £14.95 and a Baseball Cap for £16.95

Next up we have two new Panzer Uniforms for you! The Army HBT and SS Dot Peas, £94.90 and £109.90 respectively for the Jacket and Trousers Set.

WW2 Long Johns - US and French Originals, limited stock in most sizes.

Phone Back - US and Bundeswehr Field Telephones in great condition back in stock! These didn't last long last time so don't hold that order!

Some German Insignia for you now. We have the Hanseatic, Honor and Prussian Crosses all At £14.95 and four new Luftwaffe Trade Patches all at £4.95.

Boots Back - Well, not any more! Since sending the email and writing this we have sold out of the French Ranger Boots and the Jack Boot sizes are disappearing fast! To be first to know, sign up to recieve the newsletter straight to your inbox!

A couple of Modern Military pieces for you now starting with Pairs of British Rank Slides, Cadet or Plain, from Lance Corporal to Captain. Then we have just a nice quality Vintage Style Belt in Olive or Black for £7.95 and finally we have some high Quality Polo Shirts in Olive, Khaki or Black. 250gsm for £9.95.

Lastly we have managed to pick up some US Civil War Caps, but we have already sold out of the Unionist Blue so you will have to be Confederate Grey! At just £3.95, these are great for Fancy Dress!

All of this months details are here!

We really do have Loads of goodies for you this month! And we aren't showing any signs of slowing down, another bumper issue for you next month and a quick gift ideas note for you in a few weeks time!

Caps, Sunglasses, T-Shirts & Shorts (20/05/2014 @ 13:08:26)
Just a quick, easy to explain couple of messages for you!

It's time to kit out your summer!

Let's start from the top!
Baseball caps and Bush hats, wide range of designs, both modern camo and WW2 styles available.
New in this month, Vintage Pilot Style Sunglasses for only £9.95! Great for topping off you fancy dress costume and with UV 100 protection, you won't be disappointed.

A couple of new T-Shirts, in Multitarn and Mil-Tacs Camo, have been added to our Military tops selection, which now exceeds 50! We recently ran a Competition to win one of them on our facebook page, so to be in with a chance of future prizes and to keep up with the very latest news, click and like our page here: Epic on Facebook! Next competition up shortly...

After a spot of good weather, we hope you all cleaned of your Barbies and made the most of it! I was first into my Shorts this year and noticed they were a lot closer to not fitting anymore, especially after that third burger! Time to treat yourselves to a new pair this year, and we have just the type. Ripstop Cotton Cargo Shorts from £16.95 in 8 different designs!

All this months details here!

ZOMBIES! - February Newsletter 2014 (04/02/2014 @ 09:38:54)
We are proud to announce that we have supplied our Leather Panzer Wraps (and most of the rest of the uniforms) to the Upcoming Dead Snow 2 Movie!

We also have some new equipment for you:
British items including Repro P1903 Bandolier and a leather Enfield Sling. We also have some original Gas Mask Bags and Greek issue belts.
American Colt .45 Pistol Lanyard.
German MP40 leather sling in black and natural.

New German Insignia
Including high quality Cap Wreaths, an Edelweiss mountain trooper badge and M43 Eagle and Skull Trapezoids

Scho-Ka-Kola Dark or Milk Bars - same amount of chocolate, same price!

Cold Weather Clothing:
Plush Jersey Fleece in olive and foliage
PCU Level 6 Waterproof Foliage Green Jacket

Binoculars and Compasses
High Quality M370 Military Binoculars
Original Polish Compass
Military Compass with Clinometer
And an entry level Compass.

Nylon 1911 Colt Grips - in Camouflage, Brown, See-Through and Black

For all the details Click Here!

Epic Costume Rental Service (15/11/2012 @ 15:20:49)
BIG news guys!
Epic Militaria now rent costumes!
You can feel safe in the knowledge that you are wearing a historically correct outfit.
We kick off our range with:
- German Field Officer
- German Field Soldier
- British WW2 Home Guard - 'Dad's Army' style
- US Paratrooper - 101st aka Band of Brothers
- Gestapo outfit 'Herr Flick' style
- Allgemeine SS Officer
- German U-Boat captain
- German Naval Kriegsmarine Officer

We will be adding more uniforms over time, but if there is a specific uniform you require made up, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For all the details and designs Click Here

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